Change Your ‘Remote Control’ with Text Messaging

When we say remote control, we are not talking about your LCD flatscreen, we are inviting you to reconsider how you manage and communicate with your staff.

With the pandemic pushing many of us to remote corners of our homes in makeshift offices, it is increasingly difficult to feel and stay connected with our colleagues.

Remote employees need support, though, and that’s why we thought it might be nice to talk about ways in which you can better support them.

Check in with Text Messages

Sure, you thought we might say this, but have you considered how a well-placed text message might make your remote employees feel? 

Send out a good morning message. Wish them a great day. It is not rocket science. Simply show them you care. A text message can say a lot more than you think.

(Re)build your Organizational Culture with Text Messages

Want to find out what is irking some of your remote staff? Send them links to surveys that ask them for ways you can improve the virtual workspace.

Send out a text message alert for company-related announcements, including newsletters that tout an “employee of the month.” 

Other ideas include virtual retreats, conferences or coffee breaks. Just because you are not together does not mean you can’t create opportunities to connect with your remote staff through virtual means.

Stay Connected with Text Messages

In today’s virtual workplace, half the battle is simply staying connected. Just because your remote employees are not working alongside you does not mean they do not require your support.

Hold regular virtual or phone meetings. Create opportunities for virtual engagement like team-building activities or games.

If you can change the way you “remotely” manage your staff, you can build and reinforce company values. Think creatively and proactively. 

The better you can serve, support and keep in touch with your remote employees, the greater the likelihood they will produce for your company. Everyone wins.

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