3 Ways Nonprofits Use Text Messaging to Increase Engagement

3 Ways Nonprofits Use Text Messaging to Increase Engagement

In today’s world, engagement is one of the most important business objectives for any nonprofit, many of whom have turned to text messaging. 

1. Recruit and Organize Volunteers with Text Messaging

If you are looking to connect with a group of volunteers AND get a response back, mass text messaging is the way to do it. Although sent en masse, a simple text with a clear call to action is more likely to generate a response than “another email.”

Mass text messaging can also help nonprofits increase engagement with volunteers on the day of events, too. We dug through our archives and found a great story that talks about how Tour du Rouge used mass texting to coordinate a group of volunteers for a successful event. 

2. Spread The Word with Text Messaging

If you are looking to increase engagement amongst your general constituency, email is ineffective with substantially lower open rates than text messaging.

One way to increase engagement is to send links to your blog via mass text messaging where you highlight stories of your work and impact on the community. Nonprofits must promote themselves to stay ‘top of mind,’ so you need to reach them where they already are — their phone.

3. Engage Staff with Text Messaging

Mass text messaging is not just a marketing or external communication tool. Use text messaging to increase engagement amongst your staff, too.

Need to send out an employee survey? Send out a link to an easy to fill out form online. 

Want sign-ups for the next open enrollment for health insurance? Email won’t cut it. Text a link to a sign-up form.

Effective Nonprofits Use Mass Text Messaging

For nonprofits looking for a communication tool to increase engagement that is as easy to set up as it is to use, mass text messaging platforms are incredibly robust and customizable. 

Want to educate the general public? Inform staff on changes to HR policies? Engage supporters and volunteers. The answer to increase engagement is text messaging.

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