Doing More ‘Good’ with Text Messaging

Doing More 'Good' with Text Messaging

Whether you work on the administrative side of things or directly with the public, you love your job, which is why you should consider text messaging as an organizational communication tool.

Streamline Communications with Text Messaging

Mass text messaging can enhance your nonprofit’s internal and external communication strategy by making it easier to reach your target audience.

  1. Trying to coordinate last second details with your volunteers for that big fundraising event? Mass text messaging is the answer.
  1. Want your employees to sign up for open health insurance enrollment? Text them a link with the press of a button.
  1. Need to change a recurring event planning meeting that involves volunteers and staff at the last minute? Send one simple text to all participants in the time it takes you to turn your computer on.

Increase Engagement with Text Messaging

Mass text messaging is also a great tool when it comes to soliciting feedback.

  1. Want staff to fill out a 5-minute satisfaction survey? Text them a link with automated reminders.
  1. Checking in with volunteers? Send out a simple text to thank them for their service.
  1. Want to go the extra mile in stewarding your highest-level donors? Send them a link to a story on your website that demonstrates the impact of their investment.

Think Long-Term with Text Messaging

Like with any strategy, it will take some time to see the results, so integrate text messaging with your organization’s overall communication strategy.

What will you do to support the strategy? What should you do that you are not doing now? Who will be responsible for implementing and evaluating it?

Asking and answering these questions is a great way to begin to use mass text messaging as a cornerstone to how you communicate both internally and externally with the general public.

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