How Group SMS Technology Educates Developing Nations

small__2736565604North American and European businesses aren’t the only organizations benefiting from group SMS technology. A Rwandan company is also using SMS to spread information and generate preventative health care to combat diseases in underdeveloped countries.

Foyo Group Ltd, headed by Managing Director Aphrodice Mutangana, has launched a series of mobile applications and services designed to inform the 62.8% of the Rwandan population who use cell phones of dietary plans that can combat chronic, serious, and potentially devastating illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Foyo Group’s interactive group SMS services can also help monitor portions of the Rwandan population who are at risk for heath problems such as infants, the elderly, and pregnant women. By receiving and answering text message questions from those who wish to learn more, Foyo Group can keep their opt-in SMS subscribers engaged while hopefully making a real difference in the years to come.

While Foyo Group Ltd. Isn’t engaging in a marketing effort, the company is using the basics of opt-in SMS technology as we’ve always known it to spread information in a manner that traditional methods can’t. The result might not be profitable, but should create a healthier and more educated population in places that need it most.

photo credit: whiteafrican via photopin cc

Eric Duncan

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