H&M Uses Group SMS to Bring the Store to You

Popular clothing retailer H&M used opt-in group SMS in conjunction with other, more traditional efforts to efficiently grow their marketing base and provide more offers to more customers.

H&M Storefront

Over the holidays, H&M customers were handed a flyer with the call to action to sign up for the store’s SMS subscriber list. But not content with just developing a database of text message users, the customers were also encouraged to sign up for an E-mail newsletter which provided various coupons and discounts, specifically 10% off for just signing up for SMS alerts and 20% for following through on the E-mail notifications sent to their account. Needless to say, customers took H&M up on the offer right away and the company has been collecting information across multiple channels ever since.

The simple addition of another marketing path with text messages was enough to set H&M apart from competitors’ group SMS marketing campaigns and grab the attention of mobile marketing news outlets. Establishing an opt-in SMS based marketing campaign is a good idea far more often than not, but avoiding complacency and exploring additional options should always multiply your success rate.



Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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