Flight Plan: How SMS Solutions Can Save Vacations

If you have customers planning to take vacations soon you may be interested in using opt-in group SMS to better serve them. Businesses that are still nervous about using an automated service for their customers—especially in an industry where timely communication is critical—should consider Southwest Airlines.

Airport passengers

Faced with the problem of leaving too many voicemail messages to customers who need prompt information to plan their trips, Southwest decided to add an SMS-based notification system for delays, cancelations, ticket availability, and other flight developments. The results were immediate and definitive, with customers signing up for Southwest’s double opt-in text message subscribers list, receiving important flight information, and acting on it far more often than before.

Southwest found that when customers originally book tickets or create website accounts, they provide a cell phone number and E-mail address as primary means of communication. As more people shift to cell-only phone communication, expect more customers to check their text message inbox before their voicemail.

Feel free to use group SMS solutions to create a new real-time communication channel between business and customer. Even one-way text communication could prove the difference between a satisfied customer and a headache holiday.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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