How Hotels and Resorts Can Use Text Messaging To Improve Guest Satisfaction

Beyond text messaging’s effectiveness in reaching customers (what with it’s over 98% read rate), SMS is also a great way to build personal connections with hotel and resort guests. In the hospitality industry, future success hinges on building positive relationships and making, lasting impressions on guests by leveraging mobile communication. Here are a few ways that hotels and resorts can use text messaging, or SMS, to improve guest interactions.

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Arrival/Departure Messages

One way to add a personal touch to check-in is with a one-time arrival message. This message can be as simple as “Welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything, dial 555 on your in-room telephone.” Alternatively, welcome messages can include messages about amenities and guest benefits.

Text messages can also be sent in preparation for a guest’s departure. These messages can include a link to a customer service rating, answers to frequently asked questions about check-out, or just a “Thanks for staying with us, we hope to see you again” message.


Whether it’s a confirmation for booked nights at a resort, dinner reservations, or a friendly reminder about a massage appointment at your resort’s on-site spa, confirmations are useful to have. Having a confirmation or reminder immediately at-hand in their text messages is extremely useful for customers. These confirmations provide peace of mind at a glance, and are an easy way to provide exceptional service to guests.

Event Info

Have a great event that’s happening at your hotel or resort? Make sure guests don’t miss out on a can’t-miss performance or activity during their stay with a text alert. Or maybe the community around your hotel or resort has a few events that might appeal to your guests. In this case, you can send a simple text with information on local events. This way, your guests will get the most out of their stay, and know that you’ll keep them informed of fun things to do in stays to come!

In-Stay Deals

You can reserve seats at discounted rates for your guests to special performances, and offer them exclusively to staying guests via text. Additionally, you can send advanced reservation opportunities to newly-opened restaurants on your property, or even send vouchers for things such as buffets or other attractions that your guests may enjoy. These kinds of exclusive deals are a great way to position your hotel or resort as guest-centric, and the offer alone will leave a lasting impression.

News & Updates

Keep guests up-to-date on enhancements to your hotel and/or resort that may interest them with a quick text. These can include upcoming events, facility improvements, renovations, or exciting news that will keep you in the front of their minds.

Is there a renovation that will add 10 new rooms with spectacular ocean views about to be completed? Send out a group text and let your previous guests know that they can reserve those now. Revised your spa menu? Let your previous spa guests know about all the great new treatments available. Regular updates with useful information is a fantastic way to stay at the front of your guest’s minds.

The strategies above are all ways that our hotel and resort customers have utilized to build relationships with guests. There are a host of other ways text messaging can enhance your guest experience, and separate you as a customer service leader.

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