How To Use Texting to Get Feedback from Supporters

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Your nonprofit can’t make a difference without feedback. You want to change the world, but that requires listening to hurts, needs and responses.

You can’t stick your head in the sand and hope your idea works. You may have a brilliant idea, but you need feedback to refine and perfect that idea. Even the best approach needs tweaks and improvements to do the most good.

Feedback can help your nonprofit make the course corrections that will keep you on track and help you accomplish your mission.

Texting can be one of the most effective ways to get that feedback. It’s more effective than email and you’re going to reach more people. 96% of the world is connected via cell phone, according to The New York Times, and that ubiquitous access makes cell phones an ideal medium for doing good.

Nonprofits can use texting to get feedback from both internal and external people:

  • Target Audience: The people you serve have the most important feedback to offer. Are your services helping? How could they be improved? What else should you be doing? Learning from the people you serve will build bridges and make your work more effective.
  • Donors: Getting feedback from contributors can help improve your fundraising efforts and allow you to accomplish more. You can find out what donors expect and how best to reach them. You can also collect positive stories and reviews that will encourage new donations.
  • Volunteers: It’s important to hear from volunteers to make sure they’re satisfied and engaged. Sometimes the best process improvements can come from volunteers who are close enough to understand what you do, but have enough distance to see how it can be done better. Are they adequately trained? Do they feel like they’re making a difference? What could be improved?
  • Employees: Don’t forget about your own people. How’s your workplace atmosphere? Do you need better training? Better compensation? Do your employees feel engaged in your mission?
  • Event Feedback: Successful events require a lot of work, and even subtle changes can make a big difference. Find out the kind of events your supporters want and how you can make those events even better.

Take Action

Finally, remember that feedback without action is nothing. You can collect all the feedback in the world, but if you don’t do anything with it you’re wasting your time. Put this feedback to work making changes and improving your nonprofit.


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Kevin D. Hendricks

Kevin D. Hendricks is an avid reader, a former yo-yo man and a freelance writer living in St. Paul, Minn.

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