Powering Up Baltimore’s Youth Through “In-the-Moment” Text Messages

Refreshing Springs Outreach is part of Guide Community Health Services, a 501c(3) behavioral health organization that addresses health disparities in the community resulting from problems of poverty and socio-economic injustices, and provides faith and health programs to men, women and children.

Based in the Baltimore area, RSO had already been sending motivational text messages to youth for some time by having them text POWERUP to 81411. Yet as the tension in Baltimore rises, the question was asked last night on CNN:  “What difference can texting make?”

Here’s Donna Saunders, Co-Chair of Reformed Springs Outreach and Clinical Pyschologist, with her response:


“It’s important to get across to our youth that you manage power properly. Through text….we can give these messages to them in the moment, so that they are able to cope and make good choices….We hope they see it [the text messages] and make a change.” – Donna Saunders

Melani Deyto

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