4 Easy Ways to Use SMS for Real Estate Marketing

image_realtorIn the fast-paced, ever-changing real estate industry, one thing that remains constant is the usefulness of SMS for real estate marketing. From advertising local housing listings to engaging with new and old leads, SMS allows unique access to your customer base. Here are just some of the ways that real estate agencies can utilize text messaging to drive sales.

1. Text-for- Info Property Information

With a simple keyword prompt, potential renters or buyers can access property info instantly. Just post a keyword like HOME123 on your property’s signage, which allows interested parties to text that keyword to 72345. Once they text the keyword, the texter will instantly get back a message with property info like number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, unique property features, and more!

Text-for- info is a great way to instantly capture the interest of parties who may not think to look up property info at a later date. Texters will also have a stored message with specific property info in their saved messages for later reference.

2. SMS Subscription for New Information Blasts

Keep your current customers in-the- loop with regular updates about new listings, open houses, price drops, and anything else they may want to know! Just set up a keyword like HOMES456. Then, have your customers text HOMES456 to 37373 to opt-in and receive your information text blasts. You can also post your keyword on property signs, your website, your email signature, business cards, and more to generate new customers who want to receive your updates!

3. Virtual business cards

Paper business cards so often wind up in the trash immediately after they’re received. With a virtual SMS business card, customers can text a keyword and have your contact info stored in their phone automatically! Just set up a keyword like AGENTMAX that customers can text to 72345. Once they send you keyword, the customer will receive a response with your name, phone number, email address, and any other information you wish to share. You can even send a short link that takes potential customers to positive reviews of your services on sites like Yelp or Zillow.

4. Generate leads

Real estate agents can take text-for- property information campaigns one step further with a lead generation campaign. With this campaign, interested parties text a keyword like APT123 to 72345. Once the customer does this, they’re sent a question like, “What kind of apartment are you looking for?” The customer can send a free form response like, “2 bdrms, Culver City area $1700 – 2000 range.” After they send their response, our system will message the texter with a confirmation message like, “Thanks, one of our agents will be in touch soon!” You can collect lead responses in a spreadsheet automatically, or have their responses emailed directly to you each time they’re sent! These campaigns are easy to set up, and invaluable for generating new leads.

SMS is an incredibly clear and efficient way to communicate with real estate customers and leads. Real estate agents can even create multiple keywords to take advantage of several or all of the above text campaigns above. Customer engagement has never been simpler! If you would like more information about how text messaging can be utilizing in your real estate business, give TextMarks a call at 800.696.1393, or send us an email at tmsales@textmarks.com.

Marc Opsal

Marc Opsal is a Customer Success Manager and Staff Writer for TextMarks. He enjoys hiking, serial dramas, and oxford commas.

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