Text Message Marketing for Tax Preparation and Accounting Firms: How You Can Build Your Customer Base

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Whether you run a small, tax preparation business or you work for a large accounting firm, text message marketing can help you attract more clients and sell them on your financial services. With tax season underway, here are some ways you can use text messaging marketing for tax preparation services and make your clients happy they selected you.

Incorporate a Text Call-to-Action Into Your Offline Tax Advertising Campaigns

Your best clients most likely have a mobile phone in their hands or within close reach at this very moment. In fact, mobile media usage keeps growing and is now averaging over 3 hours a day, while time spent at desktops and laptops remains flat.

To take advantage of this fact, add a text call-to-action to your postcards, cinema ads, radio spots, billboards or print ads. For example, you could add  “Text MYTAXCOMPANY to 72345 for $25 off any income tax preparation” and drive more people to connect to your business from their phone.

Capture Leads and Service Requests by Text Message

Building your customer base around tax season requires a way to capture lead information. With the marketing incentives you have in place, you may be getting people to click to your website, but what are you doing to capture the lead, or if they are an existing client, their request for services?

One way to do this is to ask people to text for more information and drive them to a lead form on your website. Capture contact information through your form and be sure to follow up. If you don’t have a landing page with a form ready, consider creating one using Google Forms which is free and adds your leads into a Google Spreadsheet.

Another way to capture leads by text is to have your prospects respond to automated questions with their name, email address and any other contact information you want to collect. The information they text back to your business can be sent to you by email, captured in a spreadsheet, or integrated into Salesforce.

Send Reminders To Your Tax Clients by Text

Customer who opt-in to receive text messages from you are showing their interest in hearing from you again. These are the customers you want to be sure you reach! As you build you text list, keep this in mind as you plan your marketing for tax preparation campaigns. Send SMS reminders each year to make an appointment with your company during tax season. Or build a subscriber list of clients that have used your tax services in the past and upsell them to other products your firm might offer, like financial advice.

Don’t Let Your Customers Wait Long

If you accept walk-ins to your practice, you may end up with a room full of people waiting to deal with a topic they may not be so enthusiastic about – paying taxes! Long wait times can add to the stress and your customers will associate that stress with your brand and your business.

If you know how long your average wait times will be, promote a text-for-info campaign in your waiting room or anywhere you may be advertising your tax preparation services. Customers can receive a text back with the expected time they will have to wait, and manage their time schedules accordingly.

Interested in learning more about SMS marketing or SMS lead capture for your tax preparation or accounting firm? Contact us here or email tmsales@textmarks.com.

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