The Power of Internal Podcasting for Employee Communications

internal podcasting

Podcasts are becoming a normal part of our culture and society. According to Edison Research, more than 67 million Americans listen to a podcast every single month and 42 million Americans listen to one weekly. Podcasts are becoming a valuable tool to distribute information, not only to clients and distant listeners, but also to your own employees. Here are several reasons why you should consider internal podcasting for your business or organization.

Same Information to Everyone

If your employees are dispersed across several locations or you have many remote workers, podcasts can be a valuable internal communication channel. They allow you to distribute information to all employees regardless of their location without feeling overwhelmed by long emails. It also helps remote and distant employees feel engaged with the company, rather than just being a part of a group email.

Podcasts are Convenient

Your employees can listen to your company podcasts when it is convenient for them. Employees can always download podcasts onto smartphones and can listen to it as they commute home from work. Employees  can also break it up and listen to it throughout their day or during their lunch break. Podcasts are simple and most individuals have their phones within reach. Once downloaded, employees can  listen to it without any additional equipment, passwords, or network security obstacles.

Millennial Workers Listen to Podcasts

According to recent LinkedIn studies, 42% of 18-34 year olds listen to podcasts at least once a week. Attracting and retaining millennials to job positions can be a challenge, particularly in today’s tight labor market. This generation is well-educated and talented. However, to attract millennials to your company, you must provide a strong workplace culture and some flexibility in how you function and communicate. Millennials are familiar with podcasts. which makes the technology a great communication tool for companies targeting this demographic.

millennial worker

Simple to Create Internal Podcasts

With the right software and equipment, you can easily create podcasts and distribute information just as easily as writing and sending emails. Podcasts let you distribute a substantial amount of information.  They allow senior management to share their personalities, which helps employees engage more with your company. Voice and tone can convey so much more  than email alone.

Improves Innovation Within the Company

There are dozens of resources that can not only improve communication within your company, but aid in other areas of your business as well. The New York Times, for example, shifted from sending a large number of emails to implementing internal podcasts. They found it led to other tools such as blogs, videos, wikis, etc. During their research, leaders found that they needed to find ways to distribute information in a way that their employees would consume it. Technologies such as podcasting were key to this new way of communicating.

Text Call-to-Action on Your Podcasts

If you are looking to drive a certain action from you employees (example: submit a form, RSVP for a company lunch and learn or sign up during open enrollment), be sure to add a call-to-action. You can mention the URL you want them to go to or add a text call-to-action which allows employees to easily respond using their mobile phones.

As with all forms of communication to employees, consistency is important. When you create regular podcasts that are fun and engaging, your entire company benefits.


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