4 HR Initiatives That Increase Employee Engagement

employee engagement

An engaged employee is an individual who is excited, committed and motivated by their work. They don’t just go through the motions to receive a paycheck. Engaged employees truly invest themselves in the company and are more productive and happy at work.

Most employees, however, are not engaged – and the problem is global. A recent Gallup report, State of the Global Workplace reported that just 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Lack of employee engagement affects productivity, employee retention and ultimately company profits.

So what can your HR or internal communications team try to increase employee engagement and fulfillment? Here are a few ideas:

1. Create A Fun Environment

Employees who have a fun, unique, and relaxing work environment are more motivated and excited to come to work each day. These employees are more willing to put in the work and the time to do a good job than those who are stressed and overwhelmed. Celebrate employee milestones with a party, launch desk decorating contests or paint motivational quotes on the walls. Or check out what companies like these do to have fun a work.

2. Develop Goal-Setting Programs

What are your employees’ career goals? Understand what motivates them personally and align that with your overall business goals and objectives. While goal-setting initiatives are a great way to  motivate employees to meet objectives, adding incentives can help even more. A cash bonus, material items such as a trip or new phone, or employee perks like time off are excellent incentives that can help employees reach higher performance levels.

3. Begin When Recruiting

If you want engaged employees, you must look for them from the beginning. During the recruiting process, look at their employment history. If he or she has a history of bouncing around from job to job that does not make sense, they may not take the time to truly invest in your company. Try making it easy for candidates to find jobs, responding quickly to those who show interest and are qualified, and even providing ample information about the details of the job. You’ll have an easier time finding employees who are engaged.

4. Collect Employee Feedback

Not all projects, ideas, and developments in a company need to come from management. All employees, regardless of  job position or ranking in the company,  have valuable ideas that can lead to company success. Take time to conduct brainstorming sessions with employees or collect feedback through employee surveys. Gather questions in real-time via text messaging during your next company all-hands Q&A session. Place a suggestion box in the employee break room where they can submit anonymous comments or suggestions.

These are just a few ideas to think about, but hopefully will help energize your employee base and keep them happy and engaged.



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