7 Ways SMS Can Help You Sell More Replacement Parts and Keep Customers Happy

SMS auto-response message from Dell when texting in part number.

How can your business attract and capture more replacement part orders and provide the level of service your customers expect?

Sell more replacement parts, increase customer satisfaction and increase profitability by using SMS text messaging. According to research from Morgan Stanley, 91% of US citizens have their mobile phone within reach 24/7. And the number one most widely used feature by US smartphone owners  according to Pew Research? Texting.

So why not incorporate texting into your aftermarket services and replacement parts strategy?

By adding a text call-to-action onto your products, devices or manuals either through a sticker or by printing on the packaging itself, you can make it easier for your customer order parts through their mobile phone. Here are 7 ways SMS can benefit your business:

Part Information

If information is needed about a specific part, your customers can text that part number to 72345 and get back important part information, including price, quantity in stock and other details.

Text to Order

Your customers need a replacement part? No problem. Customers can text in a keyword to 72345 and receive an text message auto-response with a link to the exact part they need on your online store. If you don’t have an online store, you can also send them the right phone number to call to order over the phone. Or, use the SMS API to trigger an order on your site automatically.

Check Order Status

Don’t keep your customers in the dark. Increase customer satisfaction by keeping them informed. Let them text in and get information on their order status as well as tracking information on their shipment. You can promote your text call-to-action on invoices and confirmation emails.

Equipment Manuals

If your customers are in the middle of a repair, they may not want to dig through their files or spend the time searching online for the equipment manual. Add a text call-to-action on your product so they can easily text and receive a link back to the manual. For example, consumers dealing with a broken dish washer can look at a tag on the side of the dishwasher that says something like ” text DISHWASHER0523 to 72345 and get back the manual” for that particular line or model of dish washer.

How-To Repair Videos

Once your customer has the replacement part, how do they install it? If your company provides how-to videos, your customers can request a link to the exact one that will help them at that moment by sending a text and getting an immediate response back. Your text call-to-action could be printed in the product manual or on the packaging for the replacement part.

Request A Call Back From Customer Service

Get notified whenever a customer texts in requesting a call back from a customer support representative. Your customer might text NEEDHELP to 72345 and you will get an alert by text or email with their contact information.

Customer Feedback

Looking for feedback on customer satisfaction or doing research on future features or products? Provide a link to a survey in all your outbound texts or ask customers to text a keyword like PRODUCTSURVEY to 72345 to get back a link to your latest survey.

Interested in learning more about how SMS can help your business? Contact TextMarks at 800-696-1393 or email tmsales@textmarks.com.

Melani Deyto

TextMarks is a simple and reliable SMS text messaging service that allows you to build your business or engage your community through group text communications, SMS auto-responders and mobile marketing solutions. Melani Deyto is a staff writer for TextMarks.

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