Link Shorteners You Can Use to Track Responses to Your Texts

link shortener for text messages

Text messaging is quickly changing the way we market and reach out to people. It is the most used data service in the world and more than 4.2 billion people text worldwide. With such popular technology, it only makes sense that marketers use text messaging services to reach out to potential and future customers when marketing their businesses.

Benefits of Using Text Messaging in Marketing

SMS technology is immediate. You can reach customers in a matter of seconds and text messaging has a 98% open rate. If you compare this to average email open rates you are reaching a significantly larger number of individuals without any additional work. Furthermore, text messages are short and concise. You don’t have to spend several days crafting the perfect message to send — it can be done in a matter of minutes. However, you do need to choose your words wisely with SMS marketing since text messages allow for just 160 characters. Link shorteners are a great way to save on characters,  drive people to your website or other online source and track clicks.

What are Link Shorteners?

A link shortener is simply turning a long, extensive URL into a shorter one. Using a shorter link can make your message appear more user-friendly and increase its readability. It can also save valuable character space and maintain the concise message you want. Also, link shorteners have no negative impact on SEO so long as the link works ad the conversion is a 301 redirect.

Link Shorteners You Should Consider

Many link shorteners are excellent SMS marketing tools as they will track the number of individuals who click on the link and can compile other useful data to carry out your marketing strategy. They are also compatible with most operating systems including iOS and Android. Listed below are a few popular link shortening services that will track responses:


Bitly is a popular link shortening service and one that offers numerous reporting capabilities. Bitly not only offers data regarding your traffic and link performance, but also recognizes what type of system your customers are on and direct them appropriately. Depending on your customer’s specific mobile device, it can provide specific analytics including the time of day, day of week, device type, etc.

Google URL Shortener

This option is extremely fast and simple to use — particularly if you are already familiar with Google. This is also a free service and provides information regarding all clicks. A downside to this service is all analytics are made public.

Tiny.CC is ideal if you are on a budget and need a basic service. This service provides very basic tracking reports and you must specify that you want analytics from the link shortener.

Before you make any purchases, carefully consider what type of analytics you are looking for and if you are willing to spend money for a service. Additionally, ensure the service you choose provides plenty of data as many services — particularly free services — offer limited analytics.


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