Multiply the Power of Your Sermons With Text Messages

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Pastors work hard on their sermons, but the sad reality is it can be hard for words spoken on Sunday to have an impact throughout the week. One way to change that is with text messaging. By sending text messages to your congregation throughout the week you can reinforce your sermon and have a greater impact.

Why Text?

Texting allows you to reinforce your sermon by providing gentle reminders throughout the week that people actually read (unlike email). Text messages can also be a way to prod people to go deeper—you can encourage reflection, additional study and taking action.

Texting can be a way to take your sermon beyond Sunday and apply it the rest of the week.

How to Reinforce Your Sermons Using Text Messages

Here are some simple ways to help your congregation apply your sermon throughout the week by using text messages:

  • Reminder – Life is busy. Your sermons may be amazing, but by Monday morning most people have forgotten. Start by sending a simple reminder, reiterating the sermon topic and quoting the most memorable line from your sermon.
  • Go deeper – Push people to engage more deeply by sharing more. Tell more stories that help illustrate the message from your sermon. Share additional resources or study aids. Point to related passages from Scripture. Give a teaser in your text message and share a link to a blog post for more.
  • Ask questions – While giving a sermon is usually a one-way communication method, it doesn’t have to remain that way. Ask questions. Share your challenges or frustrations with a passage or a story (yes—let your congregation see that you’re human too). Give people a chance to interact. Collect those responses in a blog post or point people to a discussion thread or Facebook post where they can share their own thoughts.
  • Apply the message – Challenge your congregation to apply your sermon to their daily life. Ask them if there’s one practical thing they can do. Encourage them to do it. Push your sermon beyond words and into action.
  • Prepare for next week – You can also use text messaging to preview your next sermon. Give your congregation the Scripture passage to read ahead of time. It’s an opportunity to help them soak in the words and be better prepared for your message.

With just a few simple texts you can help your congregation apply your sermon all week long, wherever they are and well beyond the confines of your sanctuary.



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Kevin D. Hendricks

Kevin D. Hendricks is an avid reader, a former yo-yo man and a freelance writer living in St. Paul, Minn.

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