Successful Party Promoter Grows Business By Leaps and Bounds With TextMarks

Party promoter Sid Ishay has been driving clubgoers to Chicago nightclubs for the past 23 years, so he knows the business inside and out. His company, Club Life, has grown to its current size of 15-20 employees, and keys to its success include Sid’s “never stop moving” approach to business, his marketing savvy, and use of technology. Text messaging is a key pillar to his marketing strategy so Sid knew he needed a powerful text messaging platform that wouldn’t let him down. After extensive research and trial of several different options, the SMS platform that delivered was TextMarks.

Club Life party promoter logo“For a guy that has been in the business 23 years and texting for 10 years and has tried it all….the one thing I found constant and successful is TextMarks.”

— Sid Ishay, Club Life

Before Texting Was Cool

“Before the Internet and technology, we promoted parties by passing out flyers. Then when text messaging was available, we went straight to text. It was very expensive back then, but I’ve been using text messaging for my business since before text messages were cool,” Sid recalls.

Club Life Sid PresentsIn addition to printed flyers and texting, Sid did “tons of email blasts” in the early days to grow his business. Soon, everyone was sending emails, and inboxes were filled with spam. “We eliminated email about 10 years ago. Who checks their email nowadays? Nobody sends emails about parties and expects them to get read.”

Sid does use social media to promote his business, but only as part of an integrated campaign that always includes his text call-to action. At the end of the day, it’s text messaging that has been driving his company’s growth, so he knew he needed to find a reliable, cost-effective SMS provider.

Text Messaging Provider You Can Count On

“There are so many different text messaging providers and systems out there. I tried them all. I have 4 phones and signed up for several different companies with different providers, just to make sure my text went out. I did everything possible to figure who was the best and TextMarks won.”

Here’s why:

Reliable service. “You can’t be a club promoter and have your texts arrive at 4am when you send it at 10pm. The club would be closed! With other providers, it would sometimes take several hours to send to the thousands of people on our list. With TextMarks, I push send and everyone on my list will get a text in minutes.”

image_clublifetextsCustomer service. “For years I never had a problem. That’s how good your service is. The service was never down. When I finally did have a small issue, I called and my issue was fixed immediately. Overall your service is on point. On top of that, TextMarks make small businesses like me feel just as important as the big guys.”

Opt-Ins. “TextMarks system makes sure you don’t add people to your list that don’t want to be there. Everyone of the people on my list actually opted in themselves. That tells me that they want to be on that list. My brand is growing, because VIP to 37373 isn’t for everyone. You have to build your list.”

ROI Positive All The Way

“As I said, I tried alot of services. TextMarks is the first and only service I tried that consistently generates 5-10% response rates to my event invites. I knew when I was getting 400 or 500 people to the clubs on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and more on the weekends, that TextMarks was working. And we’re ROI positive all the way.”

“For a guy that has been in the business 23 years and texting for 10 years, and has tried it all – back door services, modems and changing out SIM cards, all the different text message providers and tricks of the trade — the one thing I found constant and successful is TextMarks. Alot of party promoters cant say they tried everything – – but for us, your service is what has always worked and what has helped make us successful.”

Photo Credit: SidPresents

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Melani Deyto

TextMarks is a simple and reliable SMS text messaging service that allows you to build your business or engage your community through group text communications, SMS auto-responders and mobile marketing solutions. Melani Deyto is a staff writer for TextMarks.

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