Why you should be using targeted groups in your SMS marketing and communications: Part I

No matter what kind of organization you run—be it a small auto repair garage, a chain of clothing stores, or an entire school district—there are plenty of good reasons to create multiple, targeted groups in your bulk text messaging program.  Today we’ll look at some examples that come from the world of retail sales, but that could apply to almost any kind of organization

By “group” we mean a distinct set of people that you intend to send text messages to. Some people call this a keyword, others call it a list: we call it a group. Whatever you call it, this post is about why having more of them is usually better for business.

Retailers who like to divide and conquer
We’ve all heard stories about retailers who use text messaging to promote sales to loyal customers, and indeed that’s a good use of a powerful tool. But if you’re a retailer who’s serious about growing your customer base and increasing revenue, this is really just a starting point.

The greatest successes we’ve seen among retailers using TextMarks, comes from those who also create distinct groups to promote things like personal shopper services, VIP store hours, the arrival of cool, new products, and special events. And the savviest, most innovative retailers are taking it a step further, creating bulk SMS groups that target customers by age, demographics, and special interests.

Regardless of the specifics, the common thread among all the success stories is this: Smart retailers have learned that not all customers want or need the same information.

What do your groups look like?
Marketers sometimes call this “segmentation.” But don’t let the industry lingo intimidate you; it’s not that complicated. Here’s a blog post we found, aptly entitled “Rules For Targeting And Segmentation”, that we thought might come in handy. It breaks down the concept nicely and even offers some specific ideas for segmenting audiences in Retail Sales.
Take some time to think about your business and how groups might help you achieve greater success. Or better yet, let us help you brainstorm. Reach out to us on Twitter @TextMarks!

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