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3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with SMS Texting

3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with SMS Texting

Engaged employees are passionate, energetic, committed toward their jobs and employers, and lead to higher quality of work. Employee engagement is also linked to higher profitability. According to Gallup Data, though, just 34 percent of workers in the U.S. are engaged at work. Employee engagement begins with communication, and SMS texting is one of the most efficient and effective communication tools you can use.

Four Ways Nonprofits Can Use SMS Texting to Recruit Volunteers

Four Ways Nonprofits Can Use Text Messaging to Recruit Volunteers

Many nonprofits rely on volunteers to maintain day-to-day operations, provide logistical assistance at events, and drive donations. Attracting these much needed volunteers can be challenging, so it’s critical nonprofits use multiple channels in their recruitment strategy. Adding text messaging as a channel is a must in today’s increasingly mobile-driven world.

Best Practices for Using URLs in SMS

Best Practices for Using URLs in SMS Text Messaging

Including URLs to web pages in your texts is an easy and effective way to drive traffic to forms, surveys, app downloads, virtual meetings, and other helpful information. Since phones automatically hyperlink valid URLs, your supplementary information or follow-up action is just a quick tap of a link away. Here are some best practices for ensuring a positive user experience for your audience and a successful outcome for your organization.